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International business opportunities can be found by clicking on the import and export icon. Please fill out the form to help us understand what product and service you are looking to promote.  Many companies around the world need your products and services to achieve their goals successfully; be part of the solution to expand your business internationally and prosper. Our industry specialization will give you a path to build a networking system that gives your business an advantage. Connections make your life easier.



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About Horizon International Business Inc.

Horizon International Business Inc. (HIB) is an Export/Import Management Company located in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida area.  We provide consulting and networking services for international and domestic companies, including manufacturers and suppliers, that are seeking to expand services and product distribution to the US,  Latin America, Asia, and Europe. 




HIB Inc. is the bridge between international buyers and exporters; our international business expertise and cultural awareness will help your company to make a right decision to sell  and buy  products and services internationally.






For inquiries, questions, comments,  please fill out the form at the contact us icon, and we answer you shortly.





The Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida area is known as the gateway to the Americas due to its strategic geographical location.   Southeast Florida provides a hub for international business among the US and Latin America including the Caribbean Islands, and Europe.


Our region has increased the flow of import/export products and services significantly during the 3 past years.  The diverse business environment has attracted  many trade shows during 2009, affording many foreign companies the forum to exchange trade opportunities, increase sales, and identify export markets with local and international companies.



In addition, the Miami/Fort Lauderdale sea and airport infrastructures have been recognized among the best systems within the US.  These terminal ports have been designed to meet the demand of the cargo industry for international carriers.  We invite you to explore trade opportunities with our firm!   We commit to helping you to achieve your business’ goals successfully.